Rain Storytime

This is the kind of storytime theme you keep in your back pocket until the perfect dreary, rainy day arises!


Preschool to the Rescue by Judy Sierra

Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germaine

Puddle Jumpers by Anne Margaret Lewis

Dirt + Water = Mud by Katherine Hannigan


“5 Umbrellas”

You can do this one by asking the names of the tots and handing them little umbrella flannels or by using puppets and having them take away the umbrellas.

“Five Umbrellas” 
Five umbrellas stood by the door.
(name or animal) took one, and then there were four!

Four umbrellas, pretty as can be.
(name or animal) took one, and then there were three!

Three umbrellas with nothing to do.
(name or animal) took one and then there were two!

Two little umbrellas having fun.
(name or animal) took one, and then there was one!

One umbrella alone in the hall.
(name or animal) took one, and that was all!

Make a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm Script

Sometimes, it sprinkles a little bit of rain and sometimes we have big thunderstorms. Let’s make our very own rainstorm today. Grownups, I think we’re going to need your help today to make a really great rainstorm.

(Start by rubbing hands together to make wind)
the wind is rustling the leaves in the trees

(Snap fingers for raindrops)
The raindrops start falling.

(Pat hands on knees)
The raindrops are falling faster!

(Stomp feet)
there’s some thunder too

(Pat hands on knees)
the rain is slowing down

(Snap fingers) 
now we have just little raindrops

(Rub hands together)
the rain stopped, and now all we have is the breeze through the leaves on the trees

“Rain, Rain, Go Away”

Grab the bubbles and sing this classic! Walk up each child, ask their name and sing the song while blowing bubbles near them. The tots will love following the bubbles and trying to grab them!

“Rain, Rain, Go Away”
Rain, rain go away
Come again another day.
Rain, rain go away
Little (name) wants to play.


Preschool to the Rescue is my favorite book of this bunch. It also happens to be great for Transportation Storytime! The bubbles were the biggest hit at this one!


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