Transportation Storytime

There are so many great books for a transportation storytime. I see them come in every day! My favorite part of this theme is all of the fun noises we get to make!


Little Plane Learns to Write by Stephen Savage

Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney

Toot Toot, Beep Beep by Emma Garcia

Beep, Beep, Beep Time for Sleep! By Claire Freedman

Preschool to the Rescue by Judy Sierra


“I’m a Windshield Wiper”

This is a fun little action rhyme the tots. Do the corresponding motion as you recite.

“I’m a Windshield Wiper” 

(Swish arms back and forth)
I’m a windshield wiper
This is how I go
Back and forth, back and forth
In the rain and snow.

(open/close fists)
I’m a  little headlight
I come on in the night
on and off, on and off
shining really bright

(lay arms flat and move up and down)
I’m a car window
letting in the air
up and down, up and down
blowing up your hair!

(meet arms at elbows and open/close hands)
I’m the trunk
Come with me and sing
open, close, open close
and put away your things!

“Five Little Boats”

You’ll need 5 boat flannels for this one!

“5 Little Boats”
The first little boat went chug, chug, chug. (ship)
The second little boat went tug, tug, tug. (tugboat)
The third little boat went row, row, row. (rowboat)
The fourth little boat went oh sooo slooooow. (any other boat)
Here comes the sailboat, watch it go! (sailboat)

“Wheels on the Bus”

Oh, you know this one!!

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