Winter Storytime

Similar to Cold Weather Animals Storytime, this is one I like to do in December instead of doing holidays. It is a great alternative to the Christmas-themed activities that will inevitable proliferate in my community come December. See this post on Alternatives to Holiday Storytimes for more ideas.


Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak

Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na


“Snowflake, Snowflake”

I honestly don’t like these “x, x” rhymes very much. They feel very overused, but they do make decent filler if you need it!

“Snowflake, Snowflake”
Snowflake, snowflake dance around
Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground
Snowflake landing on my nose
Snowflake landing on my toes
Snowflake, snowflake dance around
Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground

“Jump on My Sled”

This fingerplay went over well. We did it a couple of times so that the toddlers could learn it and then try it. The last “zoom” verse is the best part, of course!

“Jump on My Sled”
Here’s a hill (tilt left arm so that it forms a hill)
And here’s a hill (tilt right arm so that it forms a hill)
All covered with snow (raise hands up, bring down in slow motion)
I’ll put on my coat (put coat on)
And jump on my sled (hold the rope of a sled)
And ZOOM, down the hill I will go! (clap hands, slid hands down)

“Snowflake Wakes”

I shortened this poem from the book Winter Bees by Joyce Sidman, and turned it into an action rhyme. we did corresponding motions with each verb and ended crouched down pretending to sleep.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 2.42.55 PM

“Snowflake Wakes”
(shortened from Winter Bees by Joyce Sidman) 
Snowflake wakes,
arms outstretched,
lace sprouting from fingertips

leaps, laughing
in a dizzy cloud,
a pinwheel gathering glitter
Drifts down,

and tickling,
and clumping

hugs the earth,
sighs and settles
tucked in its own blankety.

“Let it Snow!”

I played a version of “Let it Snow!” from a Disney CD (I forgot which) and walked around and blew bubbles around the tots as “snow.” This was such a sweet, festive activity. Watching the kids jump up and run around the bubbles while singing this song was the perfect ending to a storytime season!

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