Preschool STEAM

Crazy Art: Putting the A in STEAM


A lot of people forget the A in STEAM, but it is very important and probably my favorite part of the STEAM acronym! For this preschool STEAM program, we did three art activities that work on gross and fine motor skills.Station 1: Zip Lock Bag Painting

Supplies needed:

  • gallon sized zip lock bags (quart will work, too)
  • cardstock
  • paint
  • tape

This activity is good for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers anywhere from 6 months up. I just did it with my 9 month old a few days ago:


  • cut the cardstock so that will fit snuggly into the zip lock without moving around too much.


  • Put the paper in the zip lock bag.
  • Have the children choose colors and squeeze a few drops inside.
  • Zip it up tight.
  • secure the bag further with tape.
  • Let them play!

Station 2: Bubble Wrap Sensory Stomp

I cannot even describe to you how much fun we had doing this activity.

Supplies needed:

  • dropcloth (found in the painting section of most stores)
  • bubble wrap
  • duct tape
  • paint
  • butcher paper


  • You can make the sensory stomp hours before your program. The plastic keeps the paint wet!
  • Duct tape the drop cloth to the floor (this keeps the paint from bleeding through the paper onto the floor).
  • Duct tape butcher paper on top of the drop cloth.
  • Squeeze lots of paint on top of the paper.
  • Duct tape the bubble wrap on top of the paper and paint.
  • Now you are ready to stomp!

Station 3: Shake to paint!

Unfortunately, I was so busy squeezing paint into cans that I didn’t get any photos of this one, so please see Teach Preschool for a great example.

Supplies needed:

  • Cannisters with lids(formula cans, oatmeals cans, peanut butter jars all work)
  • paint
  • paper
  • ping pong balls, pompoms, and steel wool (all make good paint distributers when shaking)


  • Cut the paper so that it will fit around the edge of the cannisters.


  • Give the children a cannister with a paper.
  • Let them pick paint colors.
  • Let them pick an object to put inside.
  • Put the paint and object inside the cannister.
  • Shake, shake, shake.
  • When they are done shaking, take out the painting for them to see!


This was sooooo much fun; in fact, it was too much fun. I would say this was at least one too many activities for the crowd of nearly 50 kids that I had. I have done the bubble wrap stomp again since this event and did it on its own with a simple coloring activity. That was much less stressful!

Check out some of my other STEAM art programs:

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