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Toddler Playtime DIY Toy

A huge part of baby and toddler storytime is playtime. Playtime is crucial for a child’s development, especially gross and fine motor skills. I have a 9 month old myself and today I made some awesome toys out of empty formula canisters that I plan to use for storytime!! Here’s a how-to:

Get those empty cans

It doesn’t have to be formula cans, though they work very well and make you feel like you are getting every cent out of those expensive things! But if you don’t have a baby around, oatmeal cans make a good alternative.


Put a noisemaker inside!

Actually, those little scoops that the formula comes with make pretty good noisemakers. You can also use beans or bells!


Pretty them up!

Colorful duct tape works perfectly for this! Take off the label and wrap them in duct tape to make them pretty and fun for the tots.

An extra touch – ribbons!

I duct taped ribbons along the edges of mine to make them fun for the babies. Babies love tags! If you do add ribbons, be sure to singe the edges with a lighter so they don’t fray.


There you have it, a bright, shiny, loud toy for playtime!

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