Bugs Storytime

BUGS!!! A perfect storytime for spring.


The Very Busy Bee by Jack Tickle

Backyard Bugs

Insects Pop-Up Book*

*I couldn’t find this one anywhere online. We currently have it in our storytime collection and I use it for everything! I will be on the lookout so I can share!


“Can You Wiggle Like a Worm?”

For this action rhymes, I showed a card with a bug on it for each verse. This way, tots who are still learning about bugs can put a picture with the word. If you happen to have a large collection of bug puppets, that would work well, too!


“Can you wiggle like a worm?” 
Can you wiggle like a worm?
Can you squiggle? Can you squirm?

Can you flutter?
Can you fly like a gentle butterfly?

Can you crawl upon the ground?
Like a beetle that is round?

Can you slither like a snake?
Can you give a little shake?

Can you dance like bee?
Who is buzzing round a tree?

Can you cuddle up real snug?
Just like a ladybug?

“Bumblebee, Bumblebee”

I’ve been doing this rhyme with my daughter since we came home from the hospital. I love it so much and it encourages children to learn the names of their body parts. In storytime, I use a bumblebee puppet, too.

“Bumblebee, Bumblebee” 
Bumblebee, bumblebee, landing on my nose. 
Bumblebee, bumblebee, now he’s on my toes. 
On my arms, on my legs, on my elbows. 
Bumblebee, bumblebee he lands and then he goes.

We’re Going on a Hunt”

There is two ways to do this one. You can do with different bugs, using flannels, or if you’d like to practice colors, you can do it with butterflys and make small oragami butterflies. For this activity, I made a “bug jar” with a paper bag and a laminated print out. I pulled the butterflies out of a bag, one by one, and we put them in the bug jar. For a tutorial on making origami butterflies, visit Origami-Instructions.Com.


“We’re Going on a Bug Hunt” 
We’re going on a bug hunt,
We’re gonna catch some big ones,
What a sunny day
Are you ready? OK!

O my!, a bee!
flying over the flowers. BUZZ!
O my!, an ant!
A tiny, black ant
Crawling in the grass! Shhh….

Oh, my! A grasshopper!
A big, green grasshopper,
Hopping around the tree.
Boing, boing…

Oh, my! A butterfly!
A pretty, orange butterfly,
Floating in the sky.
Whoosh, whoosh…

“We’re Going on a Butterfly Hunt”
We’re going on a butterfly hunt,
We’re gonna catch some pretty ones,
What a sunny day
Are you ready? OK!

Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple


The butterfly hunt was soooo much fun. The toddlers definitely thought my origami butterflies were real and were very intrigued. “Can You Wiggle Like a Worm?” was fun, too. We did it slow first and got faster and faster. My children always love to see how fast they can do something! Bugs is a great storytime theme!





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