Preschool STEAM

Mixed Media Preschool STEAM


My readers may know that the “A” in STEAM in my favorite: Art! When doing art projects as a part of my STEAM programming, I always try to make sure to introduce the preschoolers to a new medium or concept. This week, it was mixed media.

Mixed media also happens to be a perfect fit for STEAM programming at the library, as it is a common medium for picture books illustrations. Check out the following sampling….


  • Canvases. This is the main supply you need. Of course, you can use paper, but paper can be too thin for intense mixed media collages. Plus, a canvas piece of art is a good keepsake for parents. 
  • Old magazines (or picture books). Go through your weeds, librarians! Pull out some stuff for the preschoolers to cut up!
  • fabric, felt, paper, and other collage supplies
  • tempura, acrylic, watercolors, chalk, markers, and other drawing and painting supplies

Set Up

I had one table for working and one that had all the supplies for preschoolers to look through and find what they needed.

The Work Table


Canvases, glue (regular and sticks), double-sided tape, watercolors, ice tray (for pouring paints), crayons, cup of water, paintbrushes, markers, scissors

The Supply Table


stamps, tissue paper, pasta, pompoms, wooden accents, cupcake liners, chalk, tempura sticks, googly eyes, construction paper, magazines, cork, feathers, etc. plus an example


I always try to have an example for this kids for inspiration.


How did it go?

This program went very well and was pretty low maintenance. It was smaller than usual, which worked in my favor. The children made some great works. We discussed mixed media, what it meant, and books out on display. Success!

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