K-5 Literacy, Storytimes

Manners & Being Nice Storytime


for the tots

People Don’t Bite People by Lisa Wheeler 

Oh No, George! By Chris Haughton 

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

for kindergarten+

Giraffe Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins

Copy Cat by Ali Pye


Song Time!

The following two songs are adaptations of classics. Whenever I do songs I this, we always sing the original first and then the adaptation.

“Three Nice Mice”
3 Nice Mice, 3 Nice Mice
See how nice they are, see how nice they are
They’re always polite when they nibble their cheese
They never forget to say thank you and please
They cover their noses whenever they sneeze
Ahhh ahhh ahhh-choo!
3 nice mice, 3 nice mice

(to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I have super manners. Yes, I do.
I can say “Please,” and “Thank You,” too.
When I play with friends, I like to share.
That’s the way I show I care!

“All the Little Germs”

This is a little fingerplay to help tots learn some basic hygeine vocabulary and actions.

“All the Little Germs”
All the little germs, dirty and mean,
Hiding on your palms, (point to where they’re hiding)
Where they cannot be seen.
Wash them, (rub hands together)
Scrub them, (rub knuckles together)
Rinse them away. (whisk hands across each other)
Then we’ll have clean hands, (hold hands out palm up)
Hip, hip, hooray! (jazz hands!)

Mr. Froggie Burps

For this activity you will need a frog puppet, “flys,” and a way to make burping sounds (such as with a phone or ipod).

  1. Introduce Mr. Froggie to the toddlers.
  2. Ask them what frogs like to do (make puppet “hop” and “ribbit”)
  3. Tell them Mr. Froggie is hungry and ask what do frogs eat.
  4. Pick a child to feed Mr. Froggie a fly.
  5. Start talking about something else and then interrupt with a loud froggie burp.
  6. Chastise Mr. Froggie for burping. (Mr. Froggie! That is so rude! You should say “excuse me!”)
  7. Repeat for laughs!

Good vs. Bad Manners

For this game, you will need a flannelboard, 5-10 arrows on your board in a line pointing up, and a game piece – I used a dinosaur flannel. For this game, I put the arrows on the board and put the dinosaur at the bottom. I had the children give the dinosaur a name. We landed on “Dina the Dinosaur.”

I then told the children it was Dina’s first day at Kindergarten and she has to use her best manners. I told them we have to help Dina get to the top of the flannelboard by giving her ideas for how to use good manners. Then I read off actions one by one and the children told me if it was good manners or bad manners for Dina to do the action. If it was good manners, she moved up an arrow. If it was bad manners, she moved down an arrow.



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