Our Bodies Storytime


for the tots

Little Big by Jonathan Bentley 

Ten Tiny Toes by Todd Tarpley 

Hop, Hop, Jump! By Lauren Thompson 

We’ve All Got Bellybuttons by David Martin 

for preschool+

Terrific Tongues by Maria Gianferrari

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 8.24.16 AM


“Head Shoulders Knees & Toes”

You know this one! I always like to start slow and see how fast we can go!

“Wiggle, Wiggle, Clap”

This song goes to the tune of “Bubble, Bubble Pop” from my Marine Animals Storytime.

“Wiggle, Wiggle, Clap” 
I’ve got
One tiny finger
on my little bitty hand,
my little bitty hand,
my little bitty hand,
One tiny finger
on my little bitty hand,
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, clap!
two tiny fingers…
three tiny fingers…
four tiny fingers…
five tiny fingers…

“I Have a Little Body”

A cute this rhyme to teach toddlers about their body parts!

“I Have a Little Body” 
I have a little body (Point to self) 
That belongs to me.
I have two ears to hear with (Point to ears)
And two eyes to see.  (Point to eyes) 
I have a nose for smelling. (Point to nose) 
I have a mouth to eat.  (Point to mouth) 
I have two hands to wave
At everyone I meet!  (Wave Hands)

“Shake Your Fingers Up”

Break out the egg shakers! And start with this rhyme about your fingers!

“Shake Your Fingers Up”
Shake your fingers up, shake your fingers down
Shake your fingers to the side, shake them all around
Shake them on your shoulders, shake them on your head
Shake them on your tummy, and put them all to bed!


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