Print Awareness Storytime

This storytime is a part of a series I did on the 6 Early Literacy Skills.

My Introduction:

This is our third week of going through all the six early literacy skills. Researchers say that these are the 6 skills children need to hone in order to be confident and ready to read and write.  

Today’s skill is Print Awareness. “print awareness” refers to a child’s ability to recognize that letters make up words, words make up sentences, and sentences make up stories and their ability to point these elements out. It also refers to a child’s ability to handle a book, knowing that it is read from left to right. I picked today’s stories and activities because they help with the skill of print awareness. I hope you will take them home with you to further hone those skills!


Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier

Little Plane Learns to Write by Stephen Savage

Papa Bear’s Page Fright by Wade Bradford


“A Book Speaks”

This is a poem from the book Book Speak!: Poems About Books by Laura Purdie Salas. While it’s a little dry and advanced for toddlers, with the right corresponding actions, it can teach them about how books should be handled.

“A Book Speaks”
When you drop me on the floor,
I get stepped on – my sides are sore;
Torn-out pages make me groan;
I feel dizzy if I’m thrown;
Every mark and every stain
On my cover gives me pain;
Please don’t bend me, if you do
I don’t want to talk to you;
But we will both be friends together,
If you protect me from the weather
And keep me clean so that I look
Like a tidy, neat, and happy book.

“Open, Shut It”

This is a variation on the awesome transitional song “Open, Shut Them.” For this rhyme, I gave all the tots their own little board book and had them follow along with me.

“Open, Shut It” 
Open, shut it
Open, shut it
Give a little pat, pat, pat
Open, shut it
Open, shut it
Lay it in your lap, lap, lap

Flip it, flip it
Flip it, flip it
Look inside and read, read, read.
Turn the pages left to right
To tell the whole story

“Ten Little Pages”

I also let the children keep the board books to follow along with this song as well. We did it several times, getting faster and faster each time.

“Ten Little Pages”
1 little, 2 little, 3 little pages
4 little, 5 little, 6 little pages
7 little, 8 little, 9 little pages
10 little pages in my book!

“A-tisket, A-tasket” Flannel Rhyme

“A-tisket, A-tasket” is one of my favorite old-school rhymes. To relate it to print awareness, I printed off the rhyme in really large font, cut them out, and laminated them. As I was saying the rhyme, I posted the word on the flannel board. I also let the toddlers play with these flannels during storytime. The idea was to teach that there is space between words and that print words correspond with spoken words. You could really do this with any rhyme of your choosing!

“A-tisket, A-tasket”
A-tisket, a-tasket,
A green and yellow basket.
I wrote a letter to my love,
And on the way I dropped it.

I dropped it, I dropped it.
On the way, I dropped it.
A little boy picked it up,
And put it in his pocket!

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