Letter “C” Storytime



for the tots

Cock-a-Doodle, Quack Quack! By Ivor Baddiel and Sophie Jubb

Construction Cat by Barbara Odanaka

Clip, Clop by Nicola Smee

Wee Little Chick by Lauren Thompson

Chicky Chicky Chook Chook by Cathy MacLennan

Wow, It’s a Cow! By Trudy and Jay Harris

for preschool+

The Catawampus Cat by Jason Carter Eaton

Click, Clack, Moo by Doreen Cronin

The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming


“Where is Kitty Cat?”

This is fun flannel activity. You will need  mat, hat, black bat, laudromat, and rat flannels that are large enough to hide the other flannels (cow, chicken, caterpillar, cobra, and cat) under. Hunt for kitty cat together as a group. Flannels don’t always work for tots that want to run up and grab them, but I find that this kind works well.

“Where is Kitty Cat?”
Is he under the blue mat? No, that’s cow!
Is he under the red hat? No, that’s chicken!
Is he playing with the black bat? No, that’s caterpillar!
Is he hiding in the laundromat? No, that’s cobra!
Is he trying to catch that big, fat rat? There he is!

“Who Said Moo?”

I found this via the Yogibrarian. I used puppets to go through all the farm animals in the rhyme. It was fun!

“Who said Moo?” 
I went to a farm when I was two,
And on that farm, I heard a moo!
Who said moo? Horse, did you?
No way! Horse said, neigh!
Who said, moo? Lamb, did you?
No ha-ha! Lamb said,baa!
Who said, moo? Cat, did you?
He didn’t know how. Cat said, meow!
Who said, moo? Dog, did you?
That would be tough. Dog said, ruff!
Who said, moo? Hen, did you?
No such luck. Hen said, cluck!
I was feeling so sad, I wanted to cry,
When a black and white cow, Came walking by.
Do you know what she said? I think you do.
Let’s say it together: The cow said: MOOOOOO!!!


We kept this one short, but it was effective!


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