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Winter Activities for K-5 Storytime

Winter is coming! And so is the time for winter storytimes. I facilitate a toddler storytime at my library, but I also go out to local schools and do outreach with Kindergarteners, 1st graders, and occassionally older grades. For additional resources, see my Winter Storytime and Cold Weather Animals Storytime. Those storytimes were designed for toddlers, but combined with activities like the following, they can also make great K-5 storytimes.

Build a Snowman With Me (Flannel)


For this activity, I printed and laminated all the pieces of my snowman and used velcro to make them stick and come apart. During the storytime, I ask the children if they would build a snowman with me and then, we build together!

I ask them what we need to build a snowman and they tell me. I also add a twist on it: when they say “he needs buttons!” I’ll stick the buttons on his eyes, or when they say “He needs a scarf!,” I’ll stick it on his head like a hat, etc. They laugh and say, “Nooooo!” and correct me until our snowman looks like a snowman. It’s a lot of fun!

Winter Poem for Narrative Skill

I printed this poem out at large as I could with blank squares for certain words. Then, I made cards for those missing words. The point of the activity is to fill in the blanks together based on context and rhyme.

During the program, I first showed each word card, so the children would know their choices. Then I read the poem alound and when we came to a blank, we guessed the word. This activity worked really well for Kindergarteners. I found the actual poem text from CanTeach. Here is the original text:


The Snowman
Roll a snowball large,
Then one of middle size.
Roll a snowball small,
Use lumps of coal for eyes.
Place a carrot for a nose,
And old hat on his head.
And for his necktie, tie around
His neck a ribbon red.
A corncob pipe goes in his mouth,
Some buttons on his vest.
And there he stands so round and fat,
Of snowmen, he’s the best!




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