Letter “G” Storytime


This lesson is a part of my ABCs storytime series!

I recently began a do lesson-planning style inspired by VIEWS2 and Lindsey from Jbrary‘s storytime flow planning. So far, it has been a clunky planning style, but I feel like it encourages me to be more intentional and confident in my storytimes. I plan to keep doing it as long as it works! Download my full lesson plan here: Letter G Flow.


Just Add Glitter by Angela Diterlizzi

Thank You Bear by Greg Foley

Let’s Count Goats by Mem Fox

Green by Laura Seeger

Through with the Zoo by Jacob Grant

Still a Gorilla by Kim Norman



“This Giraffe Has Spots”

For this activity, I made three cardboard giraffes with different numbers and colors of spots. We sang the song, then counted the spots! A perfect, simple activity for the tots.

“This Giraffe Has Spots” 
This giraffe has red spots,
red spots, red spots.
This giraffe has red spots.
Count them now with me!

“Little Seed”

This is a simple action rhyme I used for the word “garden.”

“Little Seed” 
Little seed on the garden ground (crouch down)
Sitting so still
Little seed, will you sprout?
Yes, I will! (jump up)


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