Preschool STEAM

Engineering with Library Forts!


My latest preschool STEAM program was library forts! Every child loves to build forts and what better place to build forts that a room full of furniture and books. It just so happens that building forts is great for spacial awareness and critical thinking skills.

Library forts was one of the most low maintenance programs I have ever facilitated. I suppied a few basics (listed below) and let the children experiment, explore, and play!

As it turns out, the kids had the most fun playing inside thier forts. By the middle of my one hour program, the department looked like a neighborhood of small forts and the children were visiting each other, playing pretend, and having so much fun.


  • Lots of blankets and sheets!
  • Rubberbands, clamps (or large binder clips), and painter’s tape
  • large paper and crayons (for decorating signs)
  • puppets and play food (for dramatic play)

Oh, the joy!

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