Another storytime blog? Really? There are so many fantastic storytime blogs out there! Storytime KatieJbrary, and Sunflower Storytime to name just a few. However, books are being published everyday and children’s services is much more than storytime!

My programming ranges from baby storytimes to 5th grade STEAM, and everything in between (storytime makes you rhyme, see what I did there?). I wanted to share my storytime lessons as well as my STEAM programming and programming for older children. I also wanted a place to talk about new books that are coming out that may be good for read-alouds, and talk about the middle grade fiction I’m most excited about.

So, here are my plans for this – yes, another – librarian blog:

  1. Share my storytime lessons with you.
    I’ve gathered my favorites from all over the place and invented a lot of my own. Maybe mine will help you like all the others have helped me.
  2.  Share my STEAM programming with you.
    If I had a nickle for every time I clicked on a Pinterest link for “Preschool STEAM” and ended up on some half-ass blog post asking me to sign-up for an email list and get my “free e-book,” or worse, not free e-book….Here you go. Free STEAM plans, no strings attached.

    “[Pinterest] is like a wasteland of popup ads gussied up to look like something pretty and potentially useful.” – Alex Cranz, Pinterest Should Die

    Also, it can be difficult to find STEAM activities that work for larger groups and on a budget. I got you.


  3. Share my school-aged lessons with you.
    I do a lot of STEAM outreach with local schools using the library’s awesome kits that are also available for check-out. These school-aged programs are pretty simple to plan. However, school-aged literacy programming can be difficult to find. 3rd and 4th graders aren’t as “into” storytime anymore. How do we continue teaching literacy in a fun way to these older children without making it feel like another ELA class??? We share our ideas!
  4. Share new books that would make great read-alouds. 
    Story_fairyI see books come in all the time that make me think, “wow that would be such a great book for an x-themed storytime!!” And then, I stick it back on the cart and forget it… Well, not anymore! I want to keep track of some of those books, what themes they could be used for and share them with you!
  5. Talk about the upcoming middle grade reads and graphic novels I’m excited about. 
    Ok, this one is a teensy bit selfish, but hey, I can’t be the only 25 year old who is stoked about Check Out the Library Weenies or that there is a new Dork Diaries book coming out next month.
  6. Similarly, I want to talk about kid lit with other lovers of kid lit. I have opinions. Let them be known!

In closing, please join me! (and I hoped you liked the memes)

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