Dinosaurs Storytime

Every librarian I know loves a good dinosaur storytime. There is plenty of roaring and stomping in this energetic storytime theme! Books for the tots Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein Roar: A Dinosaur Tour by Michael Paul Dinoshapes (board book) We Love Dinosaurs by Lucy Volpin for preschool+ Don't Forget Dexter! By Lindsay Ward Rex Finds an Egg! Egg!… Continue reading Dinosaurs Storytime


Bugs Storytime

BUGS!!! A perfect storytime for spring. Books The Very Busy Bee by Jack Tickle Backyard Bugs Insects Pop-Up Book* *I couldn't find this one anywhere online. We currently have it in our storytime collection and I use it for everything! I will be on the lookout so I can share! Activities "Can You Wiggle Like a… Continue reading Bugs Storytime


Love and Kindness Storytime

With February comes Valentine's Day.... but if you read my blog you know I'm not a fan of holiday themes. However, while Valentine's Day isn't universal, love and kindness are. Books for the tots Thank You, Bees by Toni Yuly A Kiss Means I Love You by Kathryn Madeline Allen Say Hello! By Linda Davick How Kind by Mary… Continue reading Love and Kindness Storytime


Winter Storytime

Similar to Cold Weather Animals Storytime, this is one I like to do in December instead of doing holidays. It is a great alternative to the Christmas-themed activities that will inevitable proliferate in my community come December. See this post on Alternatives to Holiday Storytimes for more ideas. Books Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak Ten on the… Continue reading Winter Storytime


Shapes Storytime

I believe that storytimes about concepts such as Colors, Opposites, and shapes make the best toddler storytimes. These storytimes help add important vocabulary to a young child's growing repertoire. Here are some of my favorite books and activities for toddlers about shapes. Books Walter’s Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood City Shapes by Diana Murray Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier… Continue reading Shapes Storytime


Opposites Storytime

For toddler storytime, I think it is very important to cover large concepts such as Colors, counting, and opposites. These help add important vocabulary into a child's repertoir. Books We Love You Rosie! By Cynthia Rylant Marta Big & Small by Jen Arena Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman The Opposites Zoo by Il Sung Na… Continue reading Opposites Storytime


Cold Weather Animals Storytime

When winter gets closer, it's impossible not to do a storytime about polar bears, penguins, and hibernators! See my Winter Storytime and Alternatives to Holiday Storytimes for more ideas! Books for the tots If You Were a Penguin by Wendell and Florence Minor No Two Alike by Keith Baker Polar Bear’s Underwear by Tupera Tupera Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson for… Continue reading Cold Weather Animals Storytime