Babies, Baby! Storytime

Right before I left for maternity leave, I did a "babies"-themed storytime and it was super cute and perfectly timed! I went into labor four days later! Books Babies on the Go by Linda Ashman Baby Party by Rebecca O’Connell A Band of Babies by Carole Gerber Where, Oh Where is Baby Bear? By Ashley Wolff Baby Parade by Rebecca… Continue reading Babies, Baby! Storytime

Preschool STEAM

Crazy Art: Putting the A in STEAM

A lot of people forget the A in STEAM, but it is very important and probably my favorite part of the STEAM acronym! For this preschool STEAM program, we did three art activities that work on gross and fine motor skills.Station 1: Zip Lock Bag Painting Supplies needed: gallon sized zip lock bags (quart will… Continue reading Crazy Art: Putting the A in STEAM