Letter “N” Storytime

This storytime is a part of my ABC Storytimes series. Books to Read Aloud The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day by Ashley Sorenson Reading for Early Literacy Tips This story asks children to trace the numbers on the page. Ask the children to trace numbers in the air. This story asks the children the questions for you.… Continue reading Letter “N” Storytime


Letter “B” Storytime

Books The Bear in My Bed by Joyce Wan Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug by Ed Emberly Blue by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Balance the Birds by Susie Ghahremani Five Busy Beavers by Stella Partheniou Grasso Activities "Where is Bear?" This one is from the amazing Storytime Katie. Break out the bear puppet for maximum fun. "Where is Bear?" Where is… Continue reading Letter “B” Storytime

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Zoo Animals, Birds, Cats, and More: New Read-Alouds October

We got lots of new picture books that would make great storytime read-alouds this month!!! (Not all were published in October, just new to me!) Not Yet, Zebra by Lou Kuenzler Toddler+ Zoo animals ABCs Super cute illustrations make this one good for me! Zoo animals and ABCs make it great! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,… Continue reading Zoo Animals, Birds, Cats, and More: New Read-Alouds October