Letter “S” Storytime

This storytime is a part of my ABC Storytimes series. I planned this lesson in a rush, but it still went very well! Books For Reading Aloud  Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth by Eric Carle  Hide! By Steve Henry  Activities "I Wish I Was a Silly Slippery Snake" This was so fun to sing because it is such… Continue reading Letter “S” Storytime

K-5 Literacy

The Dewey Decimal States of America

I have a class from a local Montessori school that visits me once a month at the library for outreach programs. We have toured our main library, worked on digital literacy skills, and today, we learned the basics of researching The United States. What We Learned I started our lesson by reviewing how to choose… Continue reading The Dewey Decimal States of America


Letter “B” Storytime

Books The Bear in My Bed by Joyce Wan Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug by Ed Emberly Blue by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Balance the Birds by Susie Ghahremani Five Busy Beavers by Stella Partheniou Grasso Activities "Where is Bear?" This one is from the amazing Storytime Katie. Break out the bear puppet for maximum fun. "Where is Bear?" Where is… Continue reading Letter “B” Storytime


Narrative Skill and Print Motivation Storytime

This storytime is a part of a series I did on the 6 Early Literacy Skills. If you read my post about this storytime series, you will see that I really started to dislike planning storytime this way. Because of this, I ended up combining the last two skills. My Introduction: This is our last… Continue reading Narrative Skill and Print Motivation Storytime


The Letter “A” Storytime

This is the first of my ABCs storytime series. We will be going through every letter through the next 26 weeks! Books for the tots Itsy-Bitsy Animals by Margaret Wild Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda Snip Snap! What's That? By Mara Bergman The Ants Go Marching (Child's Play Board Book) The Ants Go Marching One by One illustrated by Nicole… Continue reading The Letter “A” Storytime