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Winter Activities for K-5 Storytime

Winter is coming! And so is the time for winter storytimes. I facilitate a toddler storytime at my library, but I also go out to local schools and do outreach with Kindergarteners, 1st graders, and occassionally older grades. For additional resources, see my Winter Storytime and Cold Weather Animals Storytime. Those storytimes were designed for toddlers, but combined… Continue reading Winter Activities for K-5 Storytime

K-5 Literacy

The Dewey Decimal States of America

I have a class from a local Montessori school that visits me once a month at the library for outreach programs. We have toured our main library, worked on digital literacy skills, and today, we learned the basics of researching The United States. What We Learned I started our lesson by reviewing how to choose… Continue reading The Dewey Decimal States of America