Preschool STEAM

Number Crunching Preschool Math Activities

For a recent preschool STEAM program we focused on the "M"- math. In preschool, "math" really means number awareness, counting, and patterning skills. We aren't quite ready for functions. Each of the following stations was designed to encourage children to develop these simple math skills through play Station #1: Ball Sorting Supplies Plastic ball pit… Continue reading Number Crunching Preschool Math Activities


Counting 1, 2, 3! Storytime

Toddlers are at the age where they are really starting to be able to grasp and repeat concepts like their ABCs and 123s. A counting storytime is a great way to reinforce these concepts. Books Counting on Snow by Maxwell Newhouse Shapes, Reshape! By Silvia Borando Hippos Go Berserk! By Sandra Boynton Counting Cockatoos by Stella Blackstone Activities “One,… Continue reading Counting 1, 2, 3! Storytime