Letter “S” Storytime

This storytime is a part of my ABC Storytimes series. I planned this lesson in a rush, but it still went very well! Books For Reading Aloud  Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth by Eric Carle  Hide! By Steve Henry  Activities "I Wish I Was a Silly Slippery Snake" This was so fun to sing because it is such… Continue reading Letter “S” Storytime

Preschool STEAM

Halloween STEAM

I know, I know, I say all the time how I'm not a fan of holiday programming, but this was before that! It's important to incorporate STEAM and sensory play into everything we do with children, from eating to playing because it is so good for developing their motor, cognitive, and critical thinking skills. This… Continue reading Halloween STEAM


Opposites Storytime

For toddler storytime, I think it is very important to cover large concepts such as Colors, counting, and opposites. These help add important vocabulary into a child's repertoir. Books We Love You Rosie! By Cynthia Rylant Marta Big & Small by Jen Arena Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman The Opposites Zoo by Il Sung Na… Continue reading Opposites Storytime